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9300mm Length x 2.5mm OD Endless Loop Precision Endless Loop Diamond Wire Saw for Tire Section Cutting Machine

$180.00 $360.00

Diamond Tire Section Cutting Wire Saw Loop for Tire Section Wire Cutter,Tyre cutter machine,Tyre cutting machine and Tire Section Cutting Machine made with with high speed (25-60m/s), so that the wire cutting fracture surface is smooth without burr and the slice thickness could be controlled, which is benefit for the physical and chemical analysis of the tire slices.high quality diamond grit, have a good lifetime. ,Tire section cutting machine is self developed according to the requirements of many tire plants. It is mainly used for tire section cutting by tire manufacturers. The machine is controlled by cnc system, we use dual-saw in cutting process, it can reduce the vibration in sampling and also improve the efficiency because it can cut both two section and get one sample a time. It is an essential equipment for tire section structure sampling. It is designed for the tire industry, automotive industry and quality inspection agency to cut tire section samples.The equipment uses steel wires as cutting instrument. The cut section does not require secondary burnishing.Other features are low operation noise, low power consumption, high-efficiency, no cooling system needed, safety and environmental friendly, and easy to operate.

Customized Dimension We had been made:

4500mm Tire Section Cutting Machine wire saw

7330mm Tire Section Cutting Machine wire saw

9300mm Tire Section Cutting Machine wire saw

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