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Diamond Wire Loop Shop

840mm Precision Endless Loop Diamond Wire Saw for for STX-201

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Diamond wire Loop with diamond Multi wire saw is one of the flexibility cutting tool, setting the diamond crystals onto the steel surface and making one-way movement, mainly used for hard and brittle materials cutting, The diamond wire cutting such as: metal cutting, concrete cutting, sapphire (φ210mm) cutting, special ceramic materials (130mm*230mm) cutting, marble (500mm*250mm) cutting, tyre cutting, rubber cutting, stone cutting, monocrystaline silicon cutting, and polycrystalline silicon (150mm*150mm), etc. The Diamond Wire Loops from Ensoll will win you over with their high tensile strength, their strong grain bonding as well as the high quality of the diamond loop wire and the diamond grain.Diamond Endless Wire Saw and Wire Loops manufacturer for cutting tire, sapphire, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon, ceramic, stone, crystal. 0.7 mm Precision Wire Loop Saw Blades / Wire, is designed for STX-201 precision wire saw, which provides a very smooth cutting for almost all kinds of materials, especially for very fragile crystals and substrates such as for glass, stone, ceramic, semiconductors and many other hard to cut materials.These continuous loop blades are sized to fit South Bay Technology model 850 and Evans Equipment Co. SD-12A saws.

Customized Special OD Diamond Loop Wire Saw(What materials want to cut or which type machine you used)

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